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At Aware Chiropractic, our mission is simple, yet powerful. We are here to serve the West Houston community by focusing on the most important asset in life, our health. Our goal is to offer hope, healing, and awareness through neurologically-based chiropractic care. We will give hope to the hopeless, empower the God-given potential of healing from within through education, empowerment, and by doing so, will enrich the lives of those around us.


At Aware Chiropractic, we envision a world of natural health and healing from within, filled with communities where hospitals are a last resort, children are living drug-free lives, and every individual regards health as their most valuable asset. We are deeply committed to serving you and your family in excellence. We strive to help you reach your optimal potential in health through the most reproducible and results-driven chiropractic care in history. Through innovative technologies and techniques backed by scientific research, we strive to educate you and your family on living a life where your nervous system and thus the rest of your body is optimally aware, full of true health and vitality.

“The POWER that made the body, HEALS the body. ”
— B.J. Palmer, The Developer of Chiropractic

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Aware Chiropractic

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