Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Katy

Have you considered chiropractic care for pregnancy in Katy? It's common for women to complain of a lot of lower back pain while pregnant. The physical stress of pregnancy can lead to a great deal of discomfort. Contact Aware Chiropractic to schedule an appointment.

Why chiropractic care during pregnancy in Katy?

This is likely the most exciting time in your life to date, and we take pride in providing care that allows you to enjoy it to the fullest. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be rife with back pain, pelvic pain, or discomfort, though we see a lot of mommas in our office with these very complaints (some studies say that at least 50% of moms experience these symptoms during their term).

Chiropractic care has been proven to reduce labor pains and delivery times by up to 50-60% as well as make mom more comfortable throughout her pregnancy.

Whether it’s your first baby or your last, we are honored to serve you and your growing family.


What is the Webster Technique?

Dr. Carmen is certified by the ICPA in Webster Technique.

This technique was created by Dr. Larry Webster back in 1986. It is a technique specifically created with the intention of enhancing the well-being and comfort of a mother. The main objective in providing care for mom is to restore the communication within the nervous system and ensure the pelvic structures are in proper alignment, allowing for optimal motion. When this happens, several ligaments holding the pelvic structures and uterus relax, releasing the torsion within them. This decreases or eliminates in-utero constraints to give the baby as much room as possible to develop, kick, move, and grow in the womb. If baby cannot get into ideal positioning for delivery, labor is more difficult and a natural birth becomes more challenging. This is often when we see the increased use of interventions.


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“Chiropractic can do so much more during pregnancy than eliminate unnecessary pain. It can also have a deep and lasting impact on the emotional health of the woman.”
— Sarah Clark

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