What is Chiropractic in Katy?

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Chiropractic, simply put, is the correction of a vertebral subluxation, which limits a person's ability to express true health. Restriction of expression robs the body of its ability to heal from within and puts it in a state of dis-ease. Left uncorrected for long periods of time, the body will accommodate it, causing wear and tear to the structures that are not able to function as they were designed to. This can include bones, muscles, ligaments, organs, joints, etc.

Our goal as a principled chiropractic office in Katy is to remove those subluxations so the body can heal itself from within — above-down, inside-out. The ability to heal is governed by our inborn, innate intelligence. This is inside of each and every one of us and has been since before birth. Humans were never designed to live a life of sickness or dis-ease, and we are here to help encourage your wellness.

What is a subluxation in Katy?

Subluxations are caused by vertebrae, the bones in your spine, shifting out of their proper alignment creating stress and irritation to the nervous system. This causes interference with the communication between the brain and the body. When left uncorrected over time, we experience aches, pains, and dysfunction. Chiropractic seeks to locate, analyze, and correct these subluxations so that your nervous system is free of stress and irritation. As a result, symptoms go away naturally and you’re able to live the life you were designed to.


Chiropractic care as we know it dates back to 1895 when a man by the name of D.D. Palmer discovered a misaligned vertebra in Harvey Lillard’s neck. Lillard had previously lost his hearing and was a janitor in D.D.’s building. Upon adjusting the bone back into place, Lillard’s hearing was restored and the very first chiropractic adjustment had been delivered.

The profession has been researched, reviewed, and refined since then, and continues to be developed. On that account, Chiropractic is the only profession in the world allowed to correct and remove a subluxation.

We are extremely proud of our history and remain true to its principles that the body heals from within and takes time and repetition; the body needs no instruction, just no interference! But YOU were designed to be AMAZING!

We can’t wait to guide you on your journey in health restoration and living a fully aware life!

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